Terms & Conditions

1. The conditions of carriage relating to the limits of liability of the carrier for death or personal injury and in respect to loss of or damage to baggage are subject to the provisions of Montreal Conventions 1999 and to the Tanzania Civil Aviation Carriage by air regulations 2008.

2. It is MANDATORY to carry a photo identification as it is required for the airport authority and check in. Fare rules and conditions of carriage are there to protect you and us, please read them carefully, if in doubt please ask.

3. If you have paid by credit card, please carry it on yourself, as it will be asked for during check in and may be required for duty free shopping. The credit card holder MUST be one of the passengers travelling.

4. All departure taxes, safety fees and surcharges are included on your ticket, please DO NOT pay any such funds. If you are asked to pay then please consult with the ZanAir duty manager.

5. Please DO NOT pay any monies without getting a official receipt from the ZanAir staff.

6. Baggage allowance is 15 kgs checked-in depending on the aerodrome of operations. Hand luggage allowance is 5 kgs per pax. Infants have no baggage allowance.

7. Freight is carried strictly on a capacity basis. ZanAir does not accept any liability for any direct or consequential cost arising from any delays in the carriage, due to any reason whatsoever. In the event of the freight being damaged or lost during the carriage, the company’s liability is limited to USD 20 per kg.

8. Carriage of any live animals from a Gecko to an Elephant is strictly subject to the IATA Carriage of live animals regulations. However ZanAir will make the final decision on any such carriage.

9. Our Cancellation/Refund policy is specified in the ticket, however if you do not show up for the flight you will be a “NO SHOW” and that is 100% cancellation fee.

10. All ZanAir flights are NO SMOKING and ALCOHOL FREE. Although we do not condone or object to passengers having a swig of the “old reliable”, if we feel you are unfit to travel due to intoxication you may be offloaded and you will have to buy a new ticket. Consumption of any personal alcohol on the aircraft is prohibited, unless offered to by ZanAir on board in moderation by prior arrangement.

11. ZanAir reserves the right to fly passenger(s) to the nearest alternative airstrip/aerodrome should there be any operational reasons that could compromise the safety of the aircraft and its occupants. ZanAir will not be liable for any consequential cost resulting from any such deviation.

12. ZanAir cannot predict the weather we love clear skies every day. However should there be any delays or cancellation due to weather, we will make every effort to inform you of the same, with options to either refund or rebook, however we will not be liable for any consequential costs or liabilities resulting from any such delays or cancellations.

13. Some times during the year flights can be pretty bumpy and uncomfortable, our Captains are fully aware of this, he/she is also on the same aircraft as you are. It is the crews’ intention to make the flight as smooth as possible for you and for them. Please do not panic it is perfectly normal to have the occasional bump or two. Safety is our prime objective and the Crew will NEVER endanger your life or theirs.

14. It is our intention to publish an accurate departure and arrival times, however these are not guaranteed, as there are many factors that can constitute a delay which are sometimes beyond our control. Passengers that are connecting with other airlines or on our airline should allow adequate connection times. We recommend at least 2-3 hrs prior, this will also give you a little time to freshen up and have a coffee.

15. Our meet and greet service at Dar international airport is a COMPLIMENTARY inter terminal service and cannot be guaranteed unless it has been booked in advance, you hold a onward journey ticket on ZanAir or you have a Meet and Greet confirmation voucher and If you have paid for this service to your agent and for any reason missed the shuttle please do not ask us for any refund. If you have a voucher and there is no one to meet you please DO NOT panic, Tanzania is a very safe country and also roaming international calls cost a lot more money than local calls, please save that money to shop in Tanzania and call our local number that is indicated on the voucher.

16. ZanAir reserves the right to use a single or multiple engine aircraft. They are equally safe, manufactured and maintained to the highest acceptable level.

17. ZanAir’s aircrafts do not have toilet facilities, we request passengers to please visit the rest room facilities on the ground prior to departure.

18. Please make sure that you have taken all your personal belongings with you when you leave the aircraft. At the same time please leave all our safety equipment such as safety briefing cards, life jackets, breathing apparatuses, medical kits, unused air sickness bags in exactly the same place you found them.

19. ZanAir operates small light aircraft that require flexible seating. On occasion if you are travelling in groups you may be split up for your near and dear one and fly on a different aircraft.

Baggage weight is a vital consideration especially for operations out of game parks and high altitudes airports; sometime passengers may have to be weight on certain routes. If you weigh more that a 120 kgs kindly notify us at the time of booking, we are very discreet about it.

20. We have limited facility for paraplegic and special assistance passengers. We would like to make you feel as comfortable as possible with care and compassion, we do this very discreetly without making a big fuss out of it, however please help us by giving us your requirements at the time of reservation.

21. ZanAir reserves the right to rebook or transfer passenger(s) to other carriers that ZanAir has an agreement with.

22. Any exclusions or limitation of liability to carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents, servants and representative of carrier and any other person whose aircraft is used by carrier for carriage and its agents, servant and representatives.

All claims for any event(s) to be submitted in writing to the company within 5 days from its occurrence. In case of any dispute The Court of Law is Zanzibar.

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