What are the luggage restrictions?

We operate small aircraft with capacities that vary from 5 seats to 13 seats, occasionally we send more that one aircraft depending on the load of the flight. Because of the nature of our aircraft we limit baggage allowance to 15 kg per passenger, we also recommend soft bags, large suitcases take up a lot of space in the cargo bay and your bag may be left behind. If you have large bulky or long articles such as surf boards, golf bags, fishing rods, diving equipment, bicycles etc we may not be able to accommodate these items on certain flights or aircraft, we would not like to tell you this at the check-in counter, however if we know earlier or at the time of booking we can advise you.

What about large passengers?

We work on approx. averages of 90 kg per adult male and 70 kg per adult female. If you feel that you may require 2 seats or over 120 kg please advise us at the time of booking so that we can discreetly accommodate you and advise you accordingly.

Does ZanAir guarantee my onwards international or other airline connection?

We will make every effort to leave on time, but this is not guarantee nor do we take responsibility for the missed connection. There are many factors that can relate to a missed connection such as operational delays, airport congestion, VIP movement, weather, aircraft snags (safety comes first). For your consolation we have had probaly less than a handful passengers miss their international connection in the past 18 yrs because of weather issues, something totally beyond our control.

Will the ZanAir flight wait if my international or other airline flight is delayed?

Its is not normal for any airline to wait for passengers arriving on other delayed carriers, however time permitting sometimes we will within a reasonable time. Remember if we delay a flight for you, this could delay all our other flights and hundreds of other passengers. We recommend that you take a visa from your country to avoid queues at the visa counters. We ask you to choose flights with safe connecting times.

Does ZanAir charge "no show"?

Yes we do charge "no show". Unlike other carriers we DO NOT over book flights, when you book and pay for a seat it is 100% confirmed. We operate small aircrafts and every seat counts.

Why do the arrival and departure times to and from Selous look the same?

In the Selous N.P. there are several airstrips, most camps and lodges are located within 10-20 mins of each other and we fly to most of them. On any given Selous flight we may have passengers going to or picked up from either of these airstrips, as such the flight route is never the same. We allow for 55 mins within the Selous your captain will keep you abreast on the progress of the flight and the destined route. The staff of the camps and lodges work very closely with us and they will be there to meet you and bid you goodbye.

What else do I need to know about the Selous airstrips, this is my first experience?

Selous airstrips have no terminal buildings, so don't expect to find restaurants, bars, or shopping. The airstrips are unpaved as such landing and taking off is interestingly bumpy, this is normal and safe. The camp staff are very hospitable and will make you feel at home as soon as you arrive. The wildlife and birdlife is fantastic, carry a hat and sun block, and don't forget your camera and fully-charged batteries. Your Selous experience is something that you will remember all your life, enjoy every minute of it. Remember, do not feed the animals.

How can I pay and book ZanAir?

We accept US Dollars, Euros, English Pounds and Tanzanian Shillings. Payment is accepted in cash or credit card, this facility is available at all stations and ONLINE through our website. You can book ZanAir through our website or any of our offices. We can send you payment links for Direct Pay Online (5% credit card surcharge) or you can pay through TIGO PESA.

What are the reporting times?

We would like you to be there 1 hour before the flight, groups are requested to be there at least 1.5 hrs before. The counter will close 15 mins prior to departure.

All ZanAir flights operate to Dar to/from the Domestic Terminal TB1 not TB2 International, however we do have a complimentary transfer service which operates between the two terminals. If you need this service please inform us to book a Meet, Greet And Transfer for you at the time of booking. Remember, we are not responsible if you miss your connection just because we are providing you with a free shuttle service.

Does ZanAir offer a meet and greet facility at Dar International Terminal (TB2)?

If you are connecting to a ZanAir flight from Dar Domestic Terminal (TB2), ZanAir will provide you with a complimentay meet and greet and terminal transfer. This service needs to be booked in advance via an email to meetandgreet@zanair.com. Please indicate your ZanAir booking ID, arrival flight details and number of passengers. We will then send you a confirmation voucher, if you do not get a response in 48 hrs please call us on +255 24 2233670. If you are arrving into Dar Domestic Terminal (TB1) off one of your flight and need a terminal transfer to the Dar International Terminal please advise our ground staff meeting the aircraft.

Thank you for flying with us. We are passionate about your comments and suggestions. If you need any more information please contact us on reservations@zanair.com

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